New Dentures
There are many treatment options available when it comes to dentures. We work closely with your dentist to achieve the results you require and use the latest techniques and technology to produce high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing dentures.
Acrylic Dentures: ​​
Acrylic dentures consist of the denture teeth attached to an acrylic base plate. A full denture replaces all teeth and is made to fit snugly over your gum and jawline. A partial denture replaces a few missing teeth and attaches to your natural teeth by clasps. The options we provide are as follows:​ ​​


This is our entry level denture. It is available on the NHS and is aimed at patients where cost is a priority. The denture will fit comfortably and function well. We use a natural looking veined acrylic. The denture will not be customised and will therefore have a smooth gum appearance.


This is our independent equivalent which is more resistant to stain and wear. We use a high impact veined acrylic base which will be customised by stippling and contouring to give a more natural appearance.


This is our private equivalent premium denture which has enhanced natural appeal, high resistance to wear and tear and detailed customisation. This denture uses a premium tooth and a ultra high impact natural veined acrylic base.

Additional Bolt ons:

We also offer a range of additions that can be chosen to further customise your denture:

  • Clear palate - your natural tissue shows through
  • Gum/Flange Staining - match your natural gum tissue. 
  • Tooth Staining (only available on gold)
  • Soft Lining
  • Strengthening Wire
  • Chrome 
Clear Palate
Gum/Flange Staining
Tooth Staining
Chrome Dentures: ​​​

Chrome dentures are an alternative to the usual pink acrylic dentures. They are less bulky, better for your oral hygiene and can be more comfortable. In certain designs we are able to have an open palate allowing taste and hot and cold detection to be improved. However chrome dentures are more expensive to make and are not suitable for all cases. Your dentist will advise.

NHS Chrome Dentures

These are constructed from Wironium, a very strong alloy. Wironium is nickel and beryllium free.

Private Chrome Dentures

Constructed from Vitallium cobalt chrome which has unique physical properites in terms of strength and flexibility enabling the technician to design strong, aesthetic, versatile frameworks. Vitallium alloy is the premium cobalt-chrome partial denture alloy that maintains a high luster and will not tarnish or corrode. This alloy is also nickel and beryllium-free.